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Fine Dining

   ALLWAY'S LIMO Prom Service is backed with 30 years of Limousine and Black Car Service.

Prom Limo Time with ALLWAY'S LIMO we provide top-notch Stretch Limo Service along with great customer support.  A combination that can't be beat! There are only two questions you need to ask of any Limousine company to insure the safety of your child and the other the children that you have rented the Limo for. Yes you can determine if you have  a Quality Limousine Company .

#1 What does the Manufacturers Seating capacity sticker inside the door say?

    Ask where it is so you can look for it when the vehicle arrive at your home.

  This will answer weather or not they register their vehicles for the correct seating capacity

#2 How much of the bill is tip? and my I give it directly to my driver after the trip.

     This will answer weather the drive works for the Limo company you are hiring.

  Allway's Limo has always stayed at the Prom we do not leave in between to other work. If anyone wants to leave the prom and just come out and set in the Limo we are there for them.

  Call for Prom Limousine service rates and Limo Prices and all your Prom Night Services needs. We Like! to talk with people .

​  Ask are we the prom Limo Near me?