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Food on the Pocono Wine Trail and cost for Pocono wine trail 

Visit the Wineries in Poconos

The Wineries in Poconos
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  Come see the forested peaks of the Pocono Mountains,  likewise enjoying the Wineries in Poconos. Take to a Wine Tour with a Poconos wine tour Limos for 1 Passenger or up to 8 anytime. Therefore you will find yourself visiting the Vineyards in the Poconos on the Pocono wine trail. There are many different local wineries in the Poconos.  Wine tasting Poconos is one of the best things to do in the Pocono Mountians. Just as well you may buy a bottle of wine and relax at the Pocono Vineyard for the day.  There acres and acres of Vineyards in the Poconos and plenty of roads in between them.  Relax and enjoy the Pocono wine trail and we will take care of following the Pocono Wine Trail Map.  Call us and ask is their Wine Tasting near the Poconos?

Big Creek Winery
Mountain View Vineyard & Winery
Blue Ridge Vineyard
Sorrenti's Cherry Valley  Vineyards
Franklin Hill Vineyards
Tolino Vineyards and Winery
Brook Hollow Winery

 You may bring a cooler with food.  Most of the Wineries in Poconos have Cheeses. The Vineyards in Pocono are all evolving and are becoming better at having food or a food truck outside. If a winery has food you may not bring your cooler in. We do not offer Pocono wine tour packages. Each person on your Wine tour Poconos has the chose to do the wine tasting Poconos or just have a glass of wine.

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