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Cost for transportation from Reading to JFK Airport.
2-People Small SUV  $360.00
      Sunday- Thursday $72.00 Tip
                                                 $17.00 Tolls
4-People Limousine $510.00
  Sunday- Thursday   $102.00 Tip
                                                 $17.00 Tolls

Cost for transportation from Reading, Pa to Newark Airport.
2-People Small SUV $300.00

 S unday- Thursday      $60.00 Tip
                                                 $1.500 Tolls

4-People Limousine $455.00
  Sunday- Thursday   $91.00 Tip
                                                 $1.50 Tolls

prices are one way

   ALLWAY'S LIMO Airport Shuttle. Our Limo Company has been Providing Limousine & Car Transportation Services in Reading, Myerstown and Kutztown, Pa Areas to the Airport.  We are backed with 30 years of Airport Service in a Limo or Car Service.

    Go to the Airport from Reading, Myerstown and Kutztown, Pa with ALLWAY'S LIMO.  We provide top-notch Airport Limousine Shuttle Service along with great customer support.  A combination that can't be beaten!     

  Call for Airport Service Rates and Car Service to the Airport. We go to these Airports and more Philadelphia Airport, Baltimore Airport, Dulles Airport, Reagan Airport, Newark Airport and JFK Airport. Give us a Call We like to talk with people about their tip.

Airport Shuttle service, Limo & Car Transportation Services Reading, Myerstown & Kutztown Pa.