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Wedding Day

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Fine Dining

Wedding Planner for Limousine Service



   Allway's Limo provides Your Wedding Limousine service

        Take the time to talk with your Wedding coordinator, planner and the people that are providing your other Wedding Day services. This will help to make your day be enjoyable and go smoothly. 

    The times we give you are based on 30 years of providing Transportation and Wedding Limo services. Remember Brides and Grooms these are average times. Yes it is your day think about it and do what you want to do!
    You need to print two time lines one for the Bride and one for the Groom.

Time Line

       1) How far away from the Church
           are you?                                                          ________

       2) How early do you want to be there?
            (guy's are normaly there 1hour early)                                                                                                ________

       3) What time does Service start ?                                                                                                                ________                
       4) How long is the service?                   ________

       5) Are you having a receiving line?
            (if so most take about 30 min )                                                                                                              ________         6) Are you taking pictues at Church?
            (if so most are around 60 min)                                                                                                             ________
       7) Drive time to pictures outside                                                                                                            ________
       8) Pictures outside?           ( most people are 60  some are 90 min)                                    ________

       9) Drive time to Reception               ________

     10) Arrive at reception 
            (if you want to be at all of your 
             reception this is when to start)                                                                                                            ________

     11) 30 min extra for when something does
            not go just right                                       __30___

      12) 30 min additional
            ( add this only if adding 30 minutes to arrival time at Reception if you want to make sure you do not miss any of Reception)                                                                  _______

       13) How long I need my Limo for          _______

     Put in your times and change things around to meet what you want to do. The arrival time at the Recption is important. Some people are starting their Recption at the arrival time and if they get a little messed up they may be 30 minutes late. Others are starting their Recption 30 minutes after arrival time and if they are done early they ride around for the 30 minutes so they do not miss any of their Recption.